The Woman I Wanted to Be


I’m afraid to admit that this book has been sitting in my bookshelves for a very long time. But again, this is a fact in my life. There are many books I have not read but I have them with me at home waiting for the right time to pull it off the shelves.

January 2017 was the right time to read The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane Von Furstenberg. It was the book I needed it. I know the reviews of the book were fabulous but what I didn’t know how much it helped me when I found reading a hard thing to do. I felt emotional exhausted and blocked after my return from Paraguay. I had a lot on my mind and was trying to process everything. I honestly couldn’t read a book about teaching, business or marketing strategies. I needed something else. And as the saying goes, many times a books finds you.

This book is for all strong women out there who are living their lives at full intensity and are not afraid to show up, fail, try again and succeed. This book is for anyone who understands the power of building people up, taking chances on others, believing and lift them up as you would hope they would do the same for you when you need it. This book is for the adventurer soul who refuses to settle down for anything less than family, true love and the pursuit of greatness through trial and error.

Here are just some of the pages that spoke to my heart:

“I want to honor my mother, her courage, and her strength. It is what made me the woman she wanted me to be. I feel it is my duty to make up for all the suffering she endured, to always celebrate freedom and live fully. “

“I repeated a few lessons my mother drummed into me that have served me well. “Fear is not an option.” “Don’t dwell on the dark side of things, but look for the light and build around it. If one door closes, look for another one to open.”

“Landscapes change, people come and go, but all the landscapes, all the experiences, all the people weave into your life’s fabric. Love is not just about people you had affairs with. Love is about moments of intimacy, paying attention to others, connecting. As you learn that love is everywhere, you find it everywhere.”

“I’m always ready to go. I pack lightly. I travel lightly, leaving time for the unknown”

“I didn’t have to work at being nice to Egon. He was my first true love, the man I married, the one who gave me my children. I never judged him and always loved him; I just could not endorse us as a couple.”

“I’ve long believed that the “IF’s” were the doors to my future and I dared to open them, one by one, as they came along. I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be but I didn’t know how I would become her.”

“More and more I was realizing from my conversations with women how many had insecurities. By listening to their insecurities and sharing my own, we all felt stronger. It was an authentic dialogue, a very even give and get. The stronger I became, the stronger I wanted others to be. I realize now that it was at the time, as I was feeling stronger, that my desire to empower women started, a desire that exists to this day, more and more.”

My copy of the book is marked, full of sticky notes and flags. I wish I could give all the amazing women in my life a copy of this book. This is the moment I ask the universe to be a millionaire in this lifetime so I can do that easily and freely. In the meantime, go ahead, get the book and make room in your life for reading something that will empower you, lift you up and give you a wonderful sense of direction. You deserve it. Happy reading my friends!!!



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