The Power of Positive Summit


Today I got an email from Jon Gordon (author of The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy ) that said, ” you can learn from Tony RobbinsMichael Hyatt, Liz Wiseman, Dr. Caroline LeafAndy AndrewsCoach Dabo SwinneyHenry Cloud among many others” I was immediately drawn. There are a lot of emails in my inbox and sometimes I just scan them and move on. But when I saw this list of people, it made me stop. Because you see, these people are AMAZING. I have followed their work for a long time. I was afraid that the email would say something like “the summit costs only….(insert big figure here $$$$)” but I was happily surprised to find out that it’s FREE. 

I love learning and I am the kind of person that loves to share things with others especially if it would add VALUE to your lives. So here’s the rest of the details…

“This online event (no travel needed) is 100% free! You’ll get access to watch speaker videos from April 4 – 10. We’ll release a few videos each morning (by 9am ET) during the event dates and you can watch them on-demand at the time that works best for you. Most speaker videos are between 5 and 15 minutes long. Short enough to watch easily but long enough to provide great strategies to help you stay positive, overcome challenges and make a greater difference (in your life and in the lives of others).”

So, I hope some of you will join me during The Power of Positive Summit because I believe we all have from 5 to 15 minutes in a given day to feed our soul, renew our spirits and take care of ourselves. Grab your favorite coffee or drink and let the learning begin on April 4th.

Ready to sign up? Click on this link. 



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