My Selections…5 Cool Findings Worth Sharing


junk dadda.jpg

There are so many things out there but not everything is worth your time. I created this blog for these reasons:

  1. Curate the best findings for you since I am a passionate reader, observer and learner.
  2. Add value to your life by sharing these careful selections with you.

My selections for this post include:

  1. This collection of photographs that celebrate culture, heritage and many beautiful human beings.
  2. This short and practical article on something we should all strive for: a growth mindset and a resilient heart.
  3. If you live in Columbus and you haven’t seen this exhibit, you may want to hurry. Last three weeks!
  4. When Friends are like Family. How many of you can relate to this title? Then you would love this.
  5. When creative people make the best use of small spaces 


Happy Findings and Happy Reading!


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