Saturday Favorites: March 5 Edition

Beloved Dog

I have always loved Maira Kalman so when her new book Beloved Dog Beloved Dog
came out, I knew it was an event I wouldn’t want to miss it. Dog lovers everywhere will appreciate this book because it’s not only a celebration of what dogs represent to so many families or individuals but the book is also an art work itself.

beloved dog 5

Maira pays tributes to, not only her dogs,  but  all dogs out there who are magnificent companion to so many. The writing is minimal but it’s perfect in all the right places. Maira’s first dog was right after her husband passed away. Little did she know then her world was about to change.

beloved dog 2

Grab a cup of coffee, your furry favorite animal and cuddle up. Maira reminds us that when you understand the unconditional love of your pet, you are forever changed my friend.

beloved dog 3

For my next sharing: a favorite podcast!

My friends know that I am addicted to podcasts. I listen to so many. It’s a daily ritual and it makes my commute to work so much more enjoyable. Today I want to share one of my top ten.


Many of you have heard me talk about this podcast before because it’s phenomenal. Ohio friends, you will love this bit of information, Lewis Howes is right from this awesome state! He has a great story to share and it’s one worth listening to. This is an excerpt from his bio:

It’s hard to think that without having any business experience I went from sleeping on my sister’s couch to running a seven figure business in a couple years.  Hustle comes to mind when people ask me how I did it.  Lot’s of hustle, passion, focus, and consistent vision.

Hustling. He knows all about hustling and he is not afraid to do it. He knows that in order to achieve things in life, you got to stay committed, have a vision and stay on that path despite the falls. In his podcast, Lewis Howes interviews a lot of amazing people that easily open up to him. Topics ranges from creating a great work culture, to starting a business with little to no money, healthy habits and working on becoming a stronger versions of ourselves.  He also does Five Minutes Friday where he sprinkles some inspiration to kick off the Friday in the best possible way.

I hope you make time in your life to discover little things that make your life a little sweeter, a little lighter, a little brighter!




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