Welcome and Thank You

First of all….if you already subscribe to my newsletter, Thank you! You are already familiar with this message. But if you have not, then I want to make sure you read this first.

As you already know, I’m a learner and reader at heart. Although my heart is in Education, I love reading about a little bit about everything. From lifestyle tips, informative podcasts, inspiration for creatives, ideas for entrepreneurs and even music because it’s good for the soul. But I believe life only makes sense when we share our gifts, our knowledge and understandings with one another.  Not everything I read or encounter is great. Let’s keep it real. So I’m only going to share what I believe is worth spreading.

So here it is my friends, a list curated just for you. How does this work? Very simple: the newsletter is just a sneak peak of what I describe in detail on my blog Stella’s Selection. You can click on the picture below and it will take you to the blog. If you are interested in buying a particular book, it will direct you to Amazon since I’m an affiliate with them which means if you purchase the book, a small portion of that sale goes to this project Stella’s Selections at no extra cost to you. 

Now, having said that. Let the sharing begin!

This month I read this amazing book called H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.

H3 leadership

Let me just share a couple of quotes with you that I am sure will get you thinking as it did for me.

“Leadership is more than hard work. It is habitual work. It is worked out everyday in the tasks we complete, the ways we approach our work and the rhythms we nurture our lives. It hangs on the hooks of the patterns we create.”

“Life is about decisions. If you want to change, make a decision. Decisions build habits.”

“If you are a leader, it’s not about you. it’s about the people following you. The best leaders devote almost all of their energy to inspiring and enabling others. Taking care of them is a big part of this.”

“Your level of passion will pull people along with you.”

Ok…I will stop now. I could go on and on because you should see what my copy of the book looks like. It is all marked, underlined and highlighted. I love when a book inspires, makes me wonder or moves me. This book did all of above for me. The learner in me is very appreciate to this author for making the time to put his knowledge, experience and understanding out there so we can all benefit and growth. Gracias Brad Lomenick!

H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.

The other book that brought a lot of JOY to me in this month of January Last Night’s Reading: Illustrated Encounters with Extraordinary Authors

Last Night Reading

It’s impossible not to admire Kate who not only goes to all these book readings in Brooklyn but she also combines her talented skills as an illustrator to capture the authors’ essential message. Here’s the thing though..by looking at the cover of the book, you wouldn’t know that she listened to some serious amazing writers. In this book you will find quotes by Neil Gailman, Rainbow Rowell, Laure Halse Anderson, Jennifer Weiner, and others. I would put this book as a wonderful gift options to all your literary friends which I know are many!

One of my favorite quotes from the book is by Laurie Halse Anderson:

“We tell stories because it’s in our DNA. That gap between the reader and the story is where magic takes place.”

Last Night’s Reading: Illustrated Encounters with Extraordinary Authors


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